Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Trust our team for exterior lighting installation services in Meridian, ID

Water features and other focal points in your backyard look great, but they can look even better with the right lighting. Friedmeyer Landscape Design in Meridian, ID provides exterior lighting services. We can find hidden gems in your yard to highlight and bring the entire look of your property together. You could draw attention to a particular point in your yard by spotlighting a tree, a part of your house or any outdoor feature.

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Adding lighting in all the right places

Not sure where to place lights on your property? You could:

  • Light up your pool for fun night swims
  • Backlight your waterfall for a beautiful effect
  • Add lighting to your outdoor kitchen to make cooking easier

We'll start your exterior lighting installation with an initial layout. We'll then play around with the lights at night to make sure they look spectacular before installing them. Call 208-809-8810 now to schedule your exterior lighting installation.